Create video ads clients love❤️ is a curated collection of automated AE templates for video creators. Finally, you can edit Apple style video ads in 15 minutes & start charging more. Minimal editing skills required.

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Deliver stunning visual experiences and WoW clients

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Customize videos in 15 - 45 minutes. Boost your portfolio & sell more clients.

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Stunning motion animation built according to Apple quality standards.

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Every single detail of our product is  crafted to make your workflow faster.

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Spend les time researching & editing. More time getting new clients & making more money. Create jaw-dropping videos with our automated templates that are:

Modeled after brands like
Apple, Nike, Pinterest & co

Baked by experience from
working with 1,913+ clients

Proven to convert

Save 1000s of hours editing

Create videos in 20 minutes

7x what you charge

Get fewer revisions requests

Based on the results of Jan, a freelance video editor who started charging $450 - $2400 for videos using these templates (7x more than what he did before) Read his story →

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Approach and convert leads in a totally new way... with a custom made video. Spend 15 minutes creating a customized version for their business and close them on the spot!

From new client to finished video in minutes

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Save 85% editing time with a repeatable system:
Stock video templates
Create from scratch
Time to create final video
10 - 45 minutes
2 - 6 hours
24+ hours
Number of revisions
Video quality
Apple level
How much you can charge
Up to $3,500
How competitive
Like everyone else
Not your average Joe
Templates required
Difficulty of video creation
Very Hard
AE Skills required

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure if is the right fit for you? Let’s get in touch and we’ll answer all your questions!

Are the templates from for beginners?

If you have never worked with Adobe After Effects or other editing tools this is probably not for you. Basic knowledge is needed to customize the templates so ideally you already worked with templates from other platforms before. If you're an eager learner you can learn how to use the templates in as little as two hours starting from scratch though :) If that's you, hit us up we're happy to give you an introduction and help with the first, second and third step! 

How does the unlimited download license work?

As a paid member, you can use unlimited assets from our platform in as many projects as you’d like. If you cancel your paid membership, you can no longer use your downloaded assets in new projects.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! Just switch to a Free plan at any time, and you won’t be billed again!

I am not sure if this is for me. Is there a way to get a quick demo?

Sure! We're happy to give you a quick tour of our templates! Just book a timeslot by 'clicking here' and we'll show you what you can do with

Can I use templates for commercial use?

Absolutely! All templates and assets used are cleared for commercial use.

What happens to my distributed videos after I cancel my subscription?

All videos created and published during an active subscription are cleared from 3rd party's copyright claims forever.

I've seen a cool video ad I want you guys to recreate it. Can you do that?

Of course! We're always looking for new input from our members so if you find anything cool you want us to build as a template just message us at:

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100% Refund if you don't earn at least $5,000 worth:
If you follow our outreach strategy and don't earn at least $5,000 we'll give you your money back - no questions asked

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If you get stuck at any point working with the templates, we will help you 1-on-1 for free to get you moving forward