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Scrollstop.io is a curated collection of automated AE templates for video creators. Finally, you can edit Apple style video ads in 15 minutes & start charging more. Minimal editing skills requited.

Client-ready videos in 20 minutes.

Stop researching the right assets, clicking through 100s of layers, and wasting hours of your time. With scrollstop.io every single template is carefully cut & automated on beat. Spend less time working on fulfillment, more on building your business.

Import. Replace. Render.

Customize the whole video in 15 - 35 minutes. Don't just work with one client. Work with 25! 

Apple style to hit the right note.

Stunning motion animation built according to Apple quality standards.

Neatly organized for speed.

Take on more work in less time. Every single detail of our product is carefully crafted to make your workflow faster.

Wake up. Edit 3 videos.
Get paid $1,000+ same day.

Spend les time researching & editing. More time getting new clients & making more money. Create jaw-dropping videos with our automated templates that are:

Modeled after brands like
Apple, Nike, Samsung & co

Baked by experience from
1,573+ clients

Reduce revisions by 70%

Save 1000s of hours editing

Create videos in 20 minutes

7x what you charge

Deliver Apple standard
video quality

Get fewer revisions requests

Based on the results of Jan, a freelance video editor who started charging $450 - $2400 for videos using these templates (7x more than what he did before). Read his story →

Built according to Apple quality standards:

3X your revenue in 60 days.

Gain a competitive edge. Charge 7 times more & spend less time on delivering videos. Work through fewer revisions. Unlock extra time & focus on growing your business.

Drag & drop ready ads + over 700 presets

It works like 00 magic!

Effortlessly adjust colors to match brands elements.

Quickly change all text fragments from one dashboard.

Take full control of the creative with 0 editing experience.

Effortlessly replace videos, images & other assets.

Adapt your video for any platform & be seen everywhere.

No plugins required

Links to fonts used included

0 editing experience required

Use videos or images

Generate multiple video ads in minutes.



1 download
Automated AE source files
Customization dashboards
Monthly new uploads
New template request right
Full resell rights
Insights on how to grow your freelance career to $20K+/month



Unlimited downloads
Automated AE source files
Customization dashboards
New uploads every month
New template request right
Full resell rights
Insights on how to grow your freelance career to $20K+/month

We’ll refund you 100% of the amount you paid us if you get a bad 1/2-star review using one of our templates. Yes we're that confident in our product! 

How scrollstop.io saves you up to 85% editing time:

Stock video templates
Create from scratch
Time to create final video
10 - 45 minutes
2 - 6 hours
24+ hours
Number of revisions
Video quality
Apple level
How much you can charge
$450 - $2,400
How competitive
Like everyone else
Not your average Joe
Templates required
Difficulty of video creation
Very Hard
AE Skills required

Here’s how we made $20k/mo on Fiverr with these templates...

1,500+ orders

5-star rating

Fiverr’s Choice & Top Rated Seller

1st place in search results

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure if scrollstop.io is the right fit for you? Let’s get in touch and we’ll answer all your questions.

Can I use scrollstop.io templates for commercial use?

Absolutely! All templates and assets used are cleared for commercial use.

How does the unlimited download license work?

As a paid member, you can use unlimited assets from our Marketplace in as many projects as you’d like. If you cancel your paid membership, you can no longer use your downloaded assets in new projects.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! Just switch to a Free plan at any time, and you won’t be billed again!

I am not sure if this is for me. Is there a way to get a quick demo?

Sure! We're happy to give you a quick tour of our templates! Just book a timeslot through by 'clicking here' and we'll show you what you can do with scrollstop.io

Are the marketplace template downloads really unlimited?

As a paying member, you can download as many templates as you need. Just remember that memberships only cover a single user, and we don’t allow automatic downloading tools. Distribution to other asset marketplaces is strictly forbidden and results in legal action.

What happens to my distributed videos after I cancel my subscription?

All videos created and published during an active subscription are cleared from 3rd party's copyright claims forever.

I've seen a cool video ad I want you guys to recreate it. Can you do that?

Of course! We're always looking for new input from our members so if you find anything cool you want us to build as a template just message us at: support.scrollstop.io

Will other pricing options be introduced?

Yes, right now we're only running the beta version with access to an unlimited plan for the first 35 members. From there we will switch to a credit limited download model where users get a set numbers of downloads with their subscription. Unlimited plans will only be available for 35 members from there on, if a member leaves the one signed up next will move in their place.