April 21, 2022
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$20k/mo with video ads

I grew a Fiverr account from 0 to $20k/mo in two years to prove that video editors are overcomplicating it and using an automated system is the future:

Case study below on how to grow to 5 figures/mo using a system:

I did this to prove that by focusing on an in-demand service(video ads) and an automated system, you can grow beyond 5figures/month.

Zero ad spend. On Fiverr. Just niching down the style and systemizing fulfillment.

Orders: 1,517

Sales in 2021 : $172,400 on fiverr.com alone

Here’s three reasons why it worked:

1.) Niching down

  • Providing the solution to a problem > Providing a random video
  • Every brand needs video ad creatives these days.They all lack the talent to create them
  • Provide one offer, one style to a broad market
  • Refuse to take on anything else

2.) Using a system

  • Growing a video business is like growing aYouTube audience:
  • Once you found a winning formula, a system you keep squeezing every $ out of it to grow. Automation is the unlock
  • Build/use a system. Then use it to grow your business and sell like a machine
  • That’s why I build scrollstop.io

3.) Using scrollstop.io

  • Having a winning formula is a superpower, you focus on getting clients, because it’s proven you can get results (Every time)
  • Show up and deliver like clockwork, wow clients, do it again & again
  • With every new client it gets easier and easier, learn the system, then sell it $$$

This opens up new opportunities:

  • Close more deals by using a tailored sample video that took you 10 minutes to make
  • Outsource fulfillment and go all in on getting more clients
  • Upsell a flat fee monthly plan for unlimited videos a la deisgnjoy.co for $5k/mo

Unfair adventage.

There’s zero downside to selling video ads and using a proven system. Your cold emails & Dms get answered, people think they’re getting million-dollar videos for a few hundred bucks. AND you can take own WAY more business + scale like crazy.

Check the video on how we create client ready videos in 12minutes here.


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